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Thread: night vision kit

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    night vision kit

    Hi, would this scope...ATN NVSG-1 NVWSNVSG10 - Night Vision Riflescope - ATN Night Vision Sale be ok to use on a .308 for short range boar on a moonlit night..???

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    i have just purchesed a archer night vision add on and put it on the back of a leupold vx3 4.5-14 x 50 cracking bit of kit.
    solwaystalker uses an archer on a ziess for boar,
    that way you have same scope on for daylight work and when the lights go out pop the archer on and of you go.
    they also make a scope called the longbow which is an all in one day and night vision scope.

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    thanks for that ill take a glance now...eddie

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