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Thread: Woodleigh Bullets

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    Woodleigh Bullets

    I am toying with the idea of working up loads for my .375H&H using Woodleigh Soft nose protected point bullets.

    Has anyone experience of these bullets in any cal, terminal ballistics etc.

    Any load advice for the .375 H&H using 235/270g PP/SN gratefully recieved

    Yes YES YES I know that I could use cheeper bullets but I don't want to for various reasons.

    Cheers Sticks

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    You could use cheaper - but you won't find better!

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    I have used the RN .375 on plains game a few times and they are great, but not the PP. Apparently the .375 PP are better for buffalo but overly tough for a lot of smaller species...
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    Ive used a lot of Woodliegh PPs in 6.5x55 and 30/06, very effectively.
    I prefer the 9,3 RN Woodie for my 9,3x62 due to lower velocities. It has also proven to be winner, with the occassional recoved bullets (from boars shot diagonally) showing perfect mushrooms.

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