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Thread: Three Firsts

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    Three Firsts

    This weekend I have finally got on to my new land permission and shot my first Muntjac Doe and the police finally gave me my open licence. Three firsts!

    I've put the picture in the Trophy Room.

    I used a 100gr Sako soft nosed bullet in 243, the deer dropped on the spot and the exit wound was only slightly bigger than the entry wound. An excellent round the Sako.

    Only one problem, after putting up loads of warning signs and repairing the fences, a lycra clad mounting biking w-nk-r. pedaled straight across the field infront of my highseat scaring off the deer! I hailed him and regailed him in ancient Anglo Saxon 'You f$%"£*^ C"$£ can't you read the signs'! The alien form just ingnored my protestations.

    But even with this incident it couldn't spoil what was for me my first time out on my own. I have been lucky to do quite a bit of stalking in the last ten years, but getting out by yourself takes some beating!

    A question for the Muntjac experts, this doe had no ticks, lice or keds on her and when I carried out the gralloch, I found masses of soft putty like fat inside the cavity. The kidneys were plastered in the stuff and it took me sometime to remove it all. I've never seen this amount of fat in Roe deer. Is this normal for munties?

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    Well done Beowulf.

    When you get your own bit and get out on it on your own its a great sense of achievement and to get your first unaccompanied beast really tops it.

    Your muntie doe sounds like a perfectly healthy animal that has fed well over the summer, as far as the ticks l posed a similar question earlier this year and it may well be that the muntie has a rather tough hide and very dense fur so the buggers find them hard to get on with, also l dint think they are so active now unlike springtime activity, incidentally l have never come across ticks on munties whatever time of year.

    Was there any signs of pregnancy in her?

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    I have only shot the one Muntjack (Attleburugh Area) and it had two ticks on it in the groin region. Conversely in my area the roe dont tend to have ticks yet I know that in other areas they can be realy bad for them.

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    Hey Mr B

    I had a first as well.
    Went through the back of my land on the mountain bike and didnt see any body stalking deer. Good Hey

    Congrats on the munty


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    No wonder it was fat, just look at the size of it' "last bite"

    Very well done Beowulf, shame about the cyclist not understanding you, must have been the dialect.

    Are you heading up this way soon, or have I got that all wrong, I'm pretty sure Malc said he was coming up in October, but it is not unknown for me to get things wrong


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    Well done Beowulf,

    l have shot 3 munties since i started stalking and found them more of a challenge to stalk than roe but very enjoyable , they are tough little buggers . That is a big doe again well done.

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    This time of year all the deer will be storing up fat big time. Its easier to remove after 24 hours in the chiller like most things in life.


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    Well done Beowulf

    Hi Beowulf,
    Well done so pleased to hear you’re off and running with all your issues finally sorted out.
    I have also had two firsts due to a friends totally out of the blue kind generosity 10 days ago. He allowed me to stalk with him for a cull Fallow Buck and Muntjac. I had a Muntjac Buck on the first evening, the morning after a Fallow Buck followed by the Muntjac Buck that evening,
    Having never stalked or shot either it was a great experience and really enjoyed it.
    Like most of the comments on the thread the fat build up was noticeable compared to the Roe I normally shoot and no ticks?.
    The guy I was with said the young Fallow bucks you will see first and if you wait the big boys follow on later if you’re lucky. This did prove to be the case, a couple of young bucks did cross in front followed by the cull buck which I did take but crossing further down the ride minutes after the shot were the bigger old boys and at the back was a magnificent buck. Not to alarmed but when they winded us they took off with the magnificent buck at the front leading.
    For those who are interested I shot all the deer between 50 and 80 yards heart/lung shots with 100gr Federal Sierra Gameking BTSP. In .243 with minimal damage.

    Looking forward the meeting you at the end of Nov

    P.S. How are you doing with the competiton questions!


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    Thanks everyone! I've be on my patch again today, not stalking just making the foot bridges and gates MOUNTAIN BIKE PROOF. I can't believe Mark that you own a mountain bike, you seem such a nice bloke!
    Moneynut, yes I found a foetus in with the gralloch; she was an old girl though but very healthy looking.
    Devilishdave Is that Attleburough in the Midlands?
    MarkH thanks for the chiller tip.
    JayB I'm up your way with Smithy and Malcolm at the end of November and I'm looking forward to meeting you and having a dram or six!
    Ladystalker Thanks, you are right about 'challenging' if I had stopped to think I would have missed it!
    Smithy Thanks for your support mate, I'm back in work and really enjoying working around the farm too! I'll get the first drink in in November, It will be great to see you and Mrs Smithy.

    Thank you all and Rob, I would still be getting ripped off for overly expensive stalking holidays if it wasn't for this site and its members. I've learnt a lot and met and chatted to some really excellent stalkers. If I can be half as good I'll die happy!

    PS Smithy the quiz is easy! I haven't entered though, I'm hoping that some novice stalker wins it, that would be brilliant. It will be a once in a life time opportunity with some happy memories for the winner. Good luck all 8)

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    Well done Steve

    A great result all round! Here's to more happy hunting...



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