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Thread: 2 rifles same calibre

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    2 rifles same calibre

    I would like a second 243 and the honest reason is because I fancy another model but still like the one I have. Ok the Police are not going to agree are they? What would be a valid worthy reason to include on the variation - I do not have night vision. Thanks

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    seems like a waste of money to me, why not try a different calibre and different make rifle?
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    One for woodland stalking, (short light, easlily pointable), another for the hill or more open longer range shooting, (heavy barrel etc.).

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    Damn lost it

    Oh well. Please show me in law where it says one cannot have more than one rifle chambered for the same cartridge?

    243 Winchester is a brand name for a .24 cal (6mm) calibre cartridge.

    reasons can be set up for different ammunition. Remember that one is not allowed to use soft point ammunition on the range except for zeroing or testing purposes. re-zeroing on a weekly or bi-weekly/monthly basis is not really on and as you well know changing ammuniton the rifle needs to be checked for zero and most probably re-zeroed.

    Back up in case of malfunction or other problems.

    One screw cut and one not for different locales

    My advice is seriously to contact you shooting organisation and get their help/advice on this.

    Let's face the Plods do not like me or my views so get "expert" advice .

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    It is ultimately up to your FEO, if you can provide a "valid" reason for having two rifles of the same calibre's then who's to stop you. I do know someone that has 5 or 6 rifles of the same calibre again "all for a valid reasons of course". If you want to spend the cash, its yours who am I to argue how you spend you hard earned money!

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    Dedicated night vision ka-ching granted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    One for woodland stalking, (short light, easlily pointable), another for the hill or more open longer range shooting, (heavy barrel etc.).
    Agree. I am contemplating a second 260. Light one for walking about. Heavy one for high seats, sitting and practicing. Regards JCS

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    Why not try another cartridge !
    Variety is the spice of life !
    7mm.08 is a fine choice with not too much recoil,and hits hard and fast

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    the list is endless
    light load heavy load

    even.....because I want to sell this one and don't want to be without one at ANY time

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    i have two 270 rifles one for woodland and one for open hill and also a back up if one breakes ,atb wayne

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