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Thread: Babe in a tea cup!!

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    Babe in a tea cup!!

    Must be the smallest pork chops ever, a real bargain !!!

    The Kids will love them, real cute.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    They really are adorable.
    I keep Kune kune pigs which we have had for a few years now and are the kids pets. They are very like dogs in so many ways and make excellent, clean responsive pets.
    When we first got them they were about the size of the ones in the article. They were small enough to escape through the square mesh on standard heep fencing! They are now taller than a large German Shepherd dog and the width of a large coffee table. God knows what they weigh.
    Anyway, I seem to recall some British Pig Society or similar group publicly slating some high profile breeder of such micro pigs as lots of people were buying them and ending up with a full grown porker a year or two later.
    Invariably fully grown porker ends up getting rehomed in a suitable enviroment. (If he's lucky)
    I do believe that there is no such breed as a micro pig.
    And if thinking of buying one remember you require Holding Numbers ect and Movement Orders which suppliers seem to forget to tell you about.

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