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    Hi Guys

    Looking for a T8 moderator for my Tikka. Believe it is half inch UNF. Can anyone help me ............?



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    Tikkas usually have a metric 14x1 thread

    is it factory threaded or done by a gunsmith?
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    wouldnt touch a T8 with a barge pole , mine rusted out in 2 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    wouldnt touch a T8 with a barge pole , mine rusted out in 2 years
    Not sure wether i got this right but, i was told t8s were produced for the finnish army as a use once, throw away item

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    Hi Guys

    It's a factory threadedTikka 695. My gunsmith has seen it and agreed it was half inch UNF.

    Never used a moderator before but my ears are telling me it is time to start ! Know this one is a bit of a mine field/can of worms but.......if not a T8 what would you suggest ?


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    pes t12
    regards, Jez.
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    cant say anything about t8, but no complaints about pes 12, use one on my .270 , think they are mainly all stainless construction so should last. hope this is some help. jim from accy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    pes t12
    regards, Jez.
    +1 on the PES mate,cant get better in my opinion

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    I have two T8s (6.5x55 and .22-250) which have survived six years. On the other hand, they don't get a vast amount of use, and I dry and WD-40 them after use.

    The last mod I bought is a Northstar for my .308. No rear bush, and stainless. Can't be taken apart for cleaning, but as far as I can tell (three years' use) it doesn't need to be. What could be better?

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    Does anyone have any experience of wildcat mods ?


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