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Thread: Jet Z Compact

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    Jet Z Compact

    As titled with a .30 cal hole and M14x1 thread. Anything out there?

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    if the link does not work this is what the thread says. nice mods and will never rust.

    (nothing to do with me)

    purchased a MOD on here a few months back but it was the wrong thread for my gun. it is the 2nd MOD down in this link and the thread is M14x1, it is proofed up to .243 (I think) and exit hole 7.5mm. I will accept what I paid for it which was 120 posted or I will swap for 1/2 UNF MOD of similar condition.

    The MOD is 2nd hand; I didn't use it but it seems in quite good condition. I can post up pics if requested and the MOD is off ticket.
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    keep a EYE OUT FOR THIS MOD WITH OTHER THREADS ALSO. because as long as its the hex nut on the back you can get them changed to suite the thread you want.
    ive had a couple of them changed now by local gunsmith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Parsons View Post
    As titled with a .30 cal hole and M14x1 thread. Anything out there?

    I have a jetz compact, 308 14x1. Only had 20 rounds through it; as new and boxed. 180 plus shipping to rfd.
    Happy to take a reply by PM here, but you'll get a faster response if you PM me over at ukvarminting (I'm there more often).
    Where are you in UK?

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