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Thread: lion spotted

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    Hmmm, you reckon AOLQ would cover that?

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    Karki jacket and Handlebar moustache ready with the 7mm in case it wonders down the M1 a couple of junctions (mind you there is a lot of sheep and deer-parks between Huddersfield and me!)

    Love these storys.....


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    you would think even joe public would know a lion if they saw one lol

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    lion bar maybe

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    Surely they're more of a tawny colour. Now, a leopard, THAT'S spotted.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Ar you sure it wasn't a black lion??


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    If it had it's tail between it's legs when it was spotted it'd probably lost the other 14 idiots it flew in with....

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    It got confused, thought it was the West Coast Mane Lion!! I know, I know, couldn't resist!!

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    Many years ago when I was a young(ish) bobby in Margate in Kent, I got a phone call from headquarters to tell me that a lion had been spotted on the Thanet way, main road, so I promised to alert Tarzan and we left it at that. Ten minutes later she called me back to tell me that someone else had spotted a lion on the Thanet way! At that time in Margate there was a bit of a "safari" park attached to Dreamland amusement park, so I gave them a quick call to task them to do a lion head count, we have none they told me, sold them all to Flamingo Land park in Yorkshire. Thanks said I when was that, recently they said in fact they only left this morning on their way, travelling by lorry!! Now we have action stations, special patrol group alerted and dispatched to area complete with rifles, vet at Port Lympne zoo contacted. Then the lion is spotted in a garden in Herne bay, game on! Patrol group there first and told to contain the lion, not too difficult it had curled up and gone to sleep, long story short vet arrived lion darted and all ended well.

    So you see, it could be true........
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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