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Thread: Three+ month vacation in England cost?

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    Three+ month vacation in England cost?

    I'll probably come to england in a year or so to stalk. I've been thinking, probably not a good idea, that I might just take an extended vacation. I know that this a very broad question, but how much would it cost monthly to live in the southern half of England. I wouldn't want to live in a city, maybe a small village, but near public transportation. Something like one sees in the tv show "Midsommer Mysteries" would be great. I would like a small one bedroom Kitchen and living room, for me and my wife. I would need TV and avalibility of the net, but I assume that that is universal now. General costs would be appreciated. If this would be better with PM, we can go there. Thanks, capt david

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    Anything from 400/month upwards, if you can find something on a short term rental that is, you might get wireless internet included but don't count on it.
    The above would probably only get you a flat, a cottage/house will costa small forune.
    Just google rental properties in a southern county to give you an idea.

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    capt you have given yourself a problem before you start not many small villages have public transport anymore !
    can say small cottage 650month
    Car lease 200month
    thats probably the best option assuming you drive.factor in a month in Scotland still the best place to stalk deer my not have CWD and munties but it has proper stalking and midges in summer!

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    What would utilities cost? When you say 'flat,' I'm assuming that you mean what we call apartments? I know that this is a general question, but are the y in big units or small ones. What, would be some of the most rural counties? Would any county be a lot more expensive than another? I assume the farther away from London, and maybe the coast, would be less expensive? capt david

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    Wow, too broad a question I think. You'd need to specify which county at the least and what approximate budget you have. I know its tempting to put 'the cheapest' but i think you have to give at least an expectation of how much you're willing to pay. 1000 a month would get you a fantastic place......100 wouldn't!
    As far as t'interweb goes you can get a dongle here with say 2gb a month for about 15 if its not included with your monthly rental.
    To go really cheap you need to be looking at university cities and the associated relatively cheap living.
    I know a place you can stay for 50 per night BnB for the 2 of you and I'm sure there are cheaper places that others on here know (the place I know is in Dumfries and Galloway so may be a bit north for you and for a little extra they could do an evening meal)

    Good luck with the search but I really do think you will need to be more specific to get a realistic idea
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    You could always try and seek asylum? Our friendly govt. will pay You then!
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Norfolk might be worth a look , theres Roe , Muntjac , Water deer , Fallow and Red . October through November be a be a good time as far as seasons go for stalking and for bird shooting , good variety of sport in quite a small area . For a long stay it might be worth buying a second hand car but you want to check out fuel prices here first you might have a supprise

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    Another quick thought is it may be worth contacting a big shooting estate and seeing if they are willing to do a deal , Lowther Estate in cumbria has Red and Roe they also have salmon , pheasant , partridge and grouse . They have loads of places for rent and some good pubs in the area

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    Several things:
    600-700pounds or a little more is within my budget, I could add a little more if needed.

    How do yuo make the pound sterling sign?

    I am an English History 'nut'. I'm espicaly intrested in Henry II, Richard I, John, Henry VII, and Elizabeth I. Most of there activity is in the area that I want to stay.

    capt david

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    Again, specifics....6-7 per week/month? sign for us is shift and 3 bt will be different or need specifying on a US keyboard.
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