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Thread: Tilley hats......which one?

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    Tilley hats......which one?

    after reading posts on hats i thought id ask bout Tilley hats....

    im very keen to gt one but not sure which it down to the T5 Hemp hat or the TWC5 outback hat

    for those of you whom have em which one do you have and which one out of the 2 i quoted would you have?

    sauer / paul

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    Finest hat ever made. i am on my second, first one wore out and was replaced under warranty(15+years old)

    Will have to look what mine is.


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    I have two T4's which I use when I'm fishing in the rain. Super hats, great service.

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    I use the original T3, I have patched my old one up and still use it. I reserve the replacement hat they sent me for best.

    My old hat has been all over europe, fishing in the USA, on a day trip to Mexico, duck flighting in northern California, shooting and salmon and sea trout fishing all over the UK for the best part of 20 years. It is very faded but very comfy. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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