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Thread: Deer shooting on the foreshore

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    Deer shooting on the foreshore

    Good day,

    I have gone to the same estuary flat for years to shoot ducks and geese. As the shooting grounds are beow the high water mark, they belong to the crown and therefore anybody can shoot wildfowl there.
    I have on my last few visits noticed around 20 hinds and calves and wondered if it was legal for me to shoot them applying the same logic/law that works for the wildfowl??

    Any help or advice would be greatly received.


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    No is the short answer.

    I can't quote you on anything I'm affraid but you can't use a rifle on the foreshore because you don't have permission therefore you'll be breaching the firearms act, yes you have the right to use the foreshore for recreational purposes which is the right that allows wildfowling. Yes you could use an SSG shotgun cartrige with lead shot but lead is band over wetlands in Scotland so your scuppered there. There is also the fact that deer are wild animals and no one has possesion of them, the venison is the property of the land owner who's ground the deer falls on, so you'd have to ask the queen if she wanted you to put it to the dealers or possibly split the carcass with you. I'd imagine she'd be pretty picky and want the money to be honest, but maybe you could shoot her a swan for her christmas dinner in exchange?
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    Ha-ha, Thanks for the answer. It would not have felt right shooting a deer without walking up miles of hill first anyway - too easy!!
    Maybe if we realise an independent Scotland in the next few years Alex will be more approachable and open to the idea of a haunch in exchange for the rights??



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    Yes and maybe pigs will fly,more chance Alex will have all the guns off us ,much rather stay in the union than be ruled by Mr Salmond

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    Yes you can shoot deer on the 'shore but just make sure the one you single out to take has been identified as the one with webbed feet!!

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    Without getting into politics, if Mr Salmond got his way I'm pretty sure there is no way on gods green earth he'd go and do anything that'll result in a reduction of tourism and related tertiary industries derived from shooting whether it be grouse, pheasant or stag. You might see relaxation if anything in certain area's of firearms licensing (no way you'll ever see pistols back on the cards mind).

    Anyway I think the first minister is more of a fish man

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    Aye, I thought there a chance of this topic taking a turn towards politics when i mentioned independence. It's an interesting thought though.
    Are there any fellow foreshore wildfowlers up in the Highlands, I'd be keen to discuss!!

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    Bit of a strange question to ask on this site . Besides I notice you have not followed the site rules and introduced yourself first. Therefore please do so.

    Thank you


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    Ooops! apologies, I will do that now! I love my hunting and shooting of all types and i am sure there are many like me - that was all!!

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