A father is saying goodbye to his son as he is going sailing around the world with the Navy for 6 months.
Father: "Be careful and look out for the gays"
Son: "Gays"?
Father: "Oh yes son there will be plenty of them on that ship, so watch your ass"
Son: "But how will I know if their gay?
Father: "Trust me you'll know"
6 months pass and father son meet again and go for a manly drink and a chat
Son: "Dad you know when you warned me about the gays!, well one night I was sweeping the deck at night and all of a sudden a man put his hand on my shoulder, so I threw him overboard!"
Father: "But how did you know he was gay?"

Son "Because he swam behind the ship for 2 days shouting "" Throw me a boy"" ""Throw me a boy""