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Thread: Another cracking weekend with solway stalker

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    Another cracking weekend with solway stalker

    There we found ourselves on a familiar route heading to seeColin aka the Solway stalker we shortly arrived at Colinís newly finishedlarder and if I might add I was looking well with a new water supply sink andwater heater and freshly painted walls looked the part right time to try andget something to put in it. Me and Colin headed off to the stalking groundleaving rap at toad hall to wait for his turn tonight on the boar as we arrivedat the ground we started a steady walk up towards the clear fell as we arrived we glassed the area only tofind some women had decided to let her dog run around oh well we decided to waitfor a while but nothing showed as we started a steady walk back towards Colinístruck I glassed a lone doe on the track I got into position and let the tikka22-250 do its work and with a crack she was on the ground we waited a fewminutes and walked down to her we did the gralloch and headed for the larder.Now it was raps turn to see if the boar that had eluded him on previous visits wouldshow there selves. him and Colin headed up to their ground while I went back totoad hall after about an hour I got a phone call from Colin to say that theyhad been lucky and rap had bagged himself a nice young boar about 25kg so off Iwent down to the larder to meet them we hung the beast up and cleaned him. Raphad sustained an injury as did the boar the night vision had hit him betweenthe eyes as he had hit the boar between the eyes after a few laughs and photoswe retired back to the pub for a few well earned drinks. Soon the morning wasupon us rap had decided to shadow me and Colin on my stalks as he was still smilingfrom the night before. Colin was having trouble on one of his pieces of landwith the deer eating the winter crops for the cattle. So we headed up a smalltrack that would overlook the kale field as we got there rap had glassed a lonedoe feeding in the middle of the field Igot down onto the bipod and let the tikka go to work and with a crack she dropped to the ground. Thenoise had raised the attentions of a nice buck that was close to the wall andwith a jump he was gone into the forest. We headed down and retrieved her anddid the gralloch a nice large fit doe in the larder. Soon it was time for theafternoon stalk again with rap shadowing me like a hawk, as we made our waydown a forest track slowly constantly glassing the area we soon reached a smallpiece of clear fell at the bottom of a very large hill glassing the area Colinhad spotted a good sized doe and we identified that was a potential beast totake she was a touch over 300 yards away. we made our way slowly and quietly towards herover the clear fell again using the old rides as cover the wind again in ourfavour I got into a good position and apparently with a bit of heavy breathingcrack went the tikka and down she went we retrieved her and did the gralloch atthis point I couldnít believe my luck 3 stalks and 3 deer. We retired to mabiehouse for a well earned fillet steak and a few drinks. Today was another fairly early start with fogon the forecast we decided to go out early we waited for first light and thencame the fog Colin mentioned the kale fieldas this is on slightly higher ground so we headed up towards the kale field as we got there all was looking good no fogaround that area we made our way up the track to the same elevated position asthe previous morning again with rap shadowing me and Colin leading as we reached our position I had glassed adoe in amongst the kale I got into a comfortable position and waited for myopportunity for what seemed like an eternity I waited then she turned broadsideand with a crack the tikka had made its mark she ran on for a couple of yardsand dropped. We made our way down to collect her. I couldnít believe it 4stalks 4 deer this probably wonít happen again for a long time. A big thank youto Colin and rap for all there tips and coaching I took my first deer with Colinback in feb and have been a regular ever since with my brother kev (rap) eachtime I have furthered my knowledge and improved each time Iíve been. In 15trips Iíve only blanked once there is plenty of deer in the area and with Colinísproper management the deer will be around for future generations to enjoy.

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    Certainly sounds like a god do Yozzer,well done mate.


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    Another good trip for you Ben , cheers for the steak
    see you soon
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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