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    im looking for a stalking rifle i did look at sako, very nice, well fitting rifle with a lovly action ,but expensive so i may look at second hand i have spoken a couple of stalkers who have cz rifles and recon there great. are the cz built to last? and will they handle being out hind stalking on a reguler basis or lamping foxes at night? opinions welcome.

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    cz are good enough, that set up will do the job well for years

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    I would look for a stainless/Synthetic rifle for a working tool. So that would count the CZ out.

    Best rgds


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    I have used CZ for years, tough as old boots and a great working tool. You would not be disappointed in it's working capabilities, may not be as sexy and trendy as others but if you can live with that it will do the job fine.


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    i am ot interested in the ppularity oa the brand. if it will do its job.

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    I have the CZ 550 American in .243 topped with an S & B 8x56, Harris 6-9 LM bipod and a DM80 centrefire mod, apart from the trigger (which is getting swapped) its a cracking gun and just a little while ago in a strong left to right wind, I was using homeload 55 grain Sierra Blitzkings I put 3 shots into a 1" square at 160 yards and the group size was 22mm, I can't remember what size group I got with homeload 100 grain Hornady Interlock. I would have liked a synthetic stock though.

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    Fly Tyer,

    where are you going to be stalking? If it is in a wet area I would consider a synthetic stock.
    I have had cz's before and the thing that will let them down is the water getting into the wood and swelling.
    I would get a Howa in synthetic. They are more accurate than the cz out of the box.
    They are also quite cheap.


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    CZ Rifles - I have 3 and all are excellent - when I go out to Africa, most of the PH's and Outfitters have a CZ somewhere in their collection too, and generally it's their utility rifle, the one that has to do everything - and in those conditions a rifle has to be tough!

    Water may be an issue but not in Namibia although I've not had a problem with any of mine in the UK, but I also have the .243 Weatherby and that's a lot of gun for not much and mines amazing! Light, well balanced and very accurate, the rife is made in Japan (think Toyotoa and Lexus) so it may be a no-frills rifle, but it's a fantastic bit of kit that's hard to beat at the price!


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    I can't believe nobody has mentioned a Howa yet You can get a new one for about 450-500 with a Hogue stock and stainless barrel. Great rifles made by the Japanese who are actually pretty good engineers. Copy of the Remmington 700 basically but better built in the opinion of most gunsmiths. Very accurate out of the box. Lots of rifle for a little money! Look at highlandoutdoors website. I've got one and so have a few good friends of mine. Nobody I know has been disappointed that I know of.

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