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Thread: My Local Gun Store

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    My Local Gun Store

    Here is a link to my local gun store's website. Go to the "About Us" section for pics. They sell new and used firearms. It is a great place to shop and socialize with fellow hunters and shooters.

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    I've used the gunshop in Franklin NC. Again a great bunch of guys and a wealth of info. I am amazed at the prices of ammo. I recall that your prices for 1000 rounds are what we pay for 100 in the UK.

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    That looks how I imagine heaven to be.
    So jealous.

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    Rub it in why doncha ;-)

    I am just glad none of the pictures showed the prices.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    This particular gun store inflates prices higher than the major retailers, but the major retailers don't have as large of an inventory. Im not trying to rub it in as much as i wanted to show a glimpse of what we have here. Personally I only bought one gun from this shop, a Tikka T3 stainless .270 and a Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40. I ended up selling it for a Mathews bow.

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    fraternal greetings from scotland , i am soooooo jelous of you guys having this on your doorstep

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    America is an amazing place!! I have visited Cabelas in Chicago and it is breathtaking. However to put the boot on the other foot, consider this;

    In America you can have guns and ammo til they are coming out of your ears. You can shoot with bows, semi autos etc etc WHAT you shoot is regulated to the hilt. I have shot 50+ foxes, 55 deer and heading for 1500 head of other game/vermin this year and not a tag in sight. I have investigated shooting in the US several times and drew the conclusion that we were better off over here as although what we can shoot with is tightly regulated we have far more simple opportunities for shooting AT something. In some states in the US you could have to wait years to draw a tag for a male deer, females are easier.

    UTGrad; not a dig but an observation. Please correct me as it fascinates me and I would love to be wrong.

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    You are right shootingduckdog...hunting is regulated by the state and there are strict laws. I am allowed 3 bucks per season in Tennessee but I am allowed 3 does per day if I wanted. The season is 3 segments: bow, muzzleloader then rifle. The season last here in Tennessee fromthe end of September to January 1st. I don't mind cause turkey season opens in the spring and I play golf and fish all summer lol!

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    Looks as though your Local gun store has you covered, but we on the other hand are quite limited to what we use !

    That's an odd rule UTGrad, to only be allowed 3 Bucks a season but, yet 3 does a day ?

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Yep...the biologist at the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency have determined that having a liberal doe harvest will help control the population. Also, limiting the amount of bucks promotes letting them grow to 2.5 years and older thus larger antlers. American deer hunters are obsessed with big bucks and antler size. Me personally, I like venison so I'm happy with does, but a nice buck would be a bonus.

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