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Thread: Thales red dot scope

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    Thales red dot scope

    I have just aquired a " Thales red-dot short range battle sight" These are issued to the UK militry for the SA80 for close combat work, Im potentially going to mount this on my Tika 308 before i go for wild boar shooting in Poland in December. The info i am looking for does anybody know how to zero one of these sights in? there is no instructions along woth scope, just two allen keys. It looks like it fits a weaver rail also which will tie in nicely with my Tika rifle.

    Any help would be nice!

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    Are you refering to Khales by any chance !

    Most are zeroed at 25 mtrs as they are on a (driven gun) short range.

    Aimpoint seem to have a good reputation :

    This might give you the general Idea !

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    You would be well to check it fits on a weaver/picatinny rail because military versions have there own rail mounting system and do not fit anything available to civvy's. You might need a rail making to mount it!

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    It could be Thales as they are a French military and avionics contractor. The brought out Redifusion Flight Simulation soem years back and have several plants in Crawley Sussex. The pronounce it Taliss .

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    Yup Thales French military materiel sub contractor.

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    Yes the company that makes the sights are Thales!

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