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Thread: 12 Bore Cartridge Belt - Wanted

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    12 Bore Cartridge Belt - Wanted

    The time has come to get a new cartridge belt as my old one is knackered. The shops around me don't seem to have a great deal to offer(either v expensive or v flimsy). Has anyone got any advice on one I could get online? 36 inch waist and decent leather would be preferable, not too fussed about open or closed loops.Thanks in advance,T.

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    Just a suggestion ..................... take a look on evil bay I picked up a part leather Parker-Hale one for the collection reasonably priced a while ago.

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    Cheers Birthunter I will take a look. Just concerned that what looks good online turns out to be pretty poor thin leather in reality. A promising option looks to be in the Countryside Alliance shop although the sizings look a little generous if a 36inch waist is covered by the small!

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    Also try these guys as well as ebay. Kalahari got an excellent bag from these guys for his birthday, he wasn't dissappointed.



    (PS I'm not connected with these guys, just like their stuff)

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    Seems to be a very nice quality looking belt can be had for about 20..I might even have a punt at a Bradly canvas and leather one myself.

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    I agree - seem very good value, thanks for the pointer. Still large if worn on a warmer day without or under a jacket.


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    In the absence of anyother ideas then this may have to be the one that is passed on as a present idea. If anyone has ever used one of these, comments would be appreciated but atleast at 20 it's not prohibitive.
    Thanks again for those comments.

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    Are you still looking for a belt? I have a leather one which was part of a job lot at an auction. 38" long to the last hole. You can have it for a 10 donation to H4H.


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