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    Most of the time we only put pen paper to moan about all and sundries. Well I'm just letting you all know of some good, no excellent service. We all like to try before we buy, and in these tight times it is even more benifical to test drive a product before parting with our ever dwindling disposable incomes. I'm in the process of saving up to upgrade my current SLC bino for a rangefinder pair and have tried Swarovski and Leica. Both were great products and upto the job except with my eyes swarovski is not suitable due to not picking up the display reading. I was offered a test by Jonathan Carrington nse for Zeiss sports optics and I thought it would be the usual wind up after getting an email out the blue.
    I spoke to Jon and was pleasently surprised it was all legit. Jon offered to bring a pair of 8x45 victory rf for me to use on a stalk on my ground for the morning with him in tandem. Jon arrived 06.00 last Friday, with not just the 8x45 but a second compact set, Night vision monocular and the new duralyt 3-12x50. "Here you go" he says. So off we went and low light and clarity were brilliant as we stalked the ground. I spied one fallow and a munti and sat listening to two munti bucks barking at each other. No shot on this occasion. Then to my range where I tested the accuracy of the rfs and the scope. All performed well above what I expected. Conclusion is I'll be buying a set after Christmas and will eventually buy the scope in the illuminated recticule model. This is just to praise Jonathan and Zeiss.

    I was telling this tale to a head keeper I know who gave me a similar story about having his binos repaired twice by Zeiss and again he recieved above brilliant service. This keeper has numerous Zeiss products.

    So thanks again Jon.
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    It was great to meet up with you and thoroughly enjoyed the morning. Glad to be of service.

    Regards Jon

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    I have the 3 x 12 x 50 Ill cant fault them in low light very happy with mine

    Paul D

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    Hi Jon, im in the market for my first set of bins and cant make up my mind if I should buy some cheap Hawke ones and see how I get on or if I should purchase something that is of total quality. Ive used Leica and Swarovzki gear up in Scotland and they were outstanding. That was, however, over 5 years ago and I cant help but think that things must have moved on quite a bit by now. Surely, if I buy low end stuff at 100 to 200 now it must be on par with the 2006 equipment that I tried out back then ?
    Im new to rifle shooting, in the sense that im only just starting out with my own equipment, ive shot with some quality stuff for most of my life but now im doing it properly and about to start working some ground of my own. Ive got 500 acres on my 'doorstep' at present plus many more in Germany and Scotland.
    Should I go in softly with some cheap bins or spend big and be done with it ? im thinking that range finders would be nice but also maybe a bit of a cop out on the skill side of things ? If I invest then I dont want to be buying some crap that will date and break quickly.

    Regards, Olaf

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    May i just add my tupence worth, not on bino's but on zeiss scopes.

    I currently hav 3 zeiss rifle scopes.

    1, 4.5/14x50 mc
    2, 4.5/14x44 mc

    3, is my scope of my 6mm BR that has gone, so this is a spare. , 6.5/20x50 rapid Z 600

    all i can say is they are cracking glass, and a lot of my shooting buddies have changed scopes and gone to zeiss.shows you just how popular they are here in the uk.

    I know the conquest is not supported here in the uk and thats another story, but i lost the screw from the top of the turret one night when i was setting up my 20 tac, i sent a e;mail to Zeiss USA and as mentioned the scopes i have are not covered by Zeiss,

    but just 4 days after my email was sent asking where to get one. it arrived. . says a lot about zeiss support even on products that are not supported.

    PS: some time later i was washing the truck and seen something fly of the front of the wind screen, low and behold it was the missing screw,

    happy days

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    hi like to know more on the zeiss Night vision monocular

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    that jon is the new rep for zeiss and hes a stalking man, seems like a nice guy and an enthusiast rather than a sales rep!

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    I have a pair of binos that I got of e bay.They are marked made in West Germany so a few year old I guess.
    I also have a Conquest scope.
    Both great quality glass and would not go past them for the money

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    Spend as much as you can afford to. The higher range of optics will give you a much brighter image which will extend the time you can be out in the field. As most stalking tends to be Dawn and dusk you will find they do give you an advantage. The best conditions to try optics out therefore arent the middle of the day. If you go to a dealer at this time of year try and make it late in the day when the light is starting to go and compare different products. I would say also that with the high end optics they will last you a lifetime if looked after.

    Cheers Jon

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    I currently use swarovski SLC 7x42 had them years looked after them but use for pigeon shooting, stalking and bird watching so are used nearly everyday. Will be buying zeiss rangefinding binos when funds permit. IMO buy the very best you can afford and buy something once because you will only end up buying better. I'm keeping my swarovskis mind. The top end are brilliant in low light.

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