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Thread: Pheasant Curry

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    Pheasant Curry

    Just about the quickest pheasant dish I have ever made. I just whipped the breasts off a couple of pheasants and did the following-

    1) Stuck a pan of rice on the boil
    2) Melted a big knob of butter in a frying pan
    3) Browned 2 diced onions in the butter and three diced garlic cloves
    4) Added the now sliced pheasant breast
    5) Fried the mixture for about 6 minutes
    6) Turned the heat right down and added a few healthy shakes each of turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ground coriander and black pepper
    7) Stirred the mixture until everything was well coated
    8) Added a splash of water to help scrape the spices stuck to the bottom of the pan and turned the heat back up to make a bit of a sauce
    9) Added two tablespoons of greek yoghurt and stirred it in

    15 minutes from off the bone to served on rice as a curry and if I say so myself it was really quite good.

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    Mmmmm - I'll have to try that!

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