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Thread: Looking at starting reloads

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    Looking at starting reloads

    Hi Guys,

    I have looked at some of the posts on here and have decided reloading may bemore cost efficient.

    As I am on a budget I will be using the Lee loader classic .243

    but before I start spending I was hoping for some info on what is best to starte.g. powder, primers with and the rough cost of the components and quantitiesthey come in?

    Is there any brass to keep clear of?
    Brass life span when using the lee loader?

    Any info is greatly appreciated


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    I can't say anything about costs, but the Lee Classic Loader will come with a spec sheet for loads.~Muir

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    that is what I use. welcome to budget loading

    I bought some Lapua 243 brass but Norma, RWS, Federal are all good brands to buy once fired. I may be able to help you out with a load of Norma (leave that with me)
    don't skimp on brass, it is not worth it.

    you are only neck sizing so will get better life from the brass.
    I have some 5-6x fired 270 brass that is still going strong.
    unless you plan to fire 500+ a season you should get good life out of a 100-200 cases.
    and annealing is always an option if you start losing neck tension or have issues

    I use 100gn and 87gn Hornady Interlocks among others - about 25 per 100
    CCI primers are the best to start with and do everything they say on the tin 35 per 1000 or 4 for 100
    I started with N160 as I already use it for my 270 and it does the trick. especially for heavier bullets as the N140 or Varget options leave the case fill quite low for 100gn loads
    1kg of VV N160 is anywhere from 65-75 depending on where you get it and is good for 3-350 loads depending on calibre/load etc

    I use a relatviely low loaded 100gn at 38.2gn N160 for roe and warmer load of 46.3gn N160 for the 87gn Inters
    That 100gn load will not be legal for Red but is very accurate in my rifle and well within what I need for roe.

    there is a good thread on here about some useful addition you can buy to make life easier
    primer pocket cleaner, lock stud and case trimmer, lee powder scoops, digital calipers, decent mallet, funnel etc etc

    hope that helps

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    Thanks muir for the reply.
    Thanks Bewsher500 for all the the info that is great.

    I will let you know how I get on just waiting for the Lee loader to arrive from the USA.

    Kind Regards


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    if u can work up a good hunting load with varget stick with it cos its a extreme powder,spring,summer,autumn and winter it will remain consistantly accurate cos its designed to shoot in any temperatures

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