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    Exclamation my first gun

    Hiya everyone could really do with some help,been looking 4 my first gun and decided on a browning x-bolt stalker stainless and fluted in .243.Been around all local gun shops trying different guns and like the feel and weight of the browning ,does anyone own the same or simular gun and could u give me ur personal review cheers

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    Helo Iro300 and welcome to the site. Once you have introduced yourself as is this norm with this site have a serch through previous threads as this subject has been covered numerous times in the past.

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    No experience with that rifle but I think you'd be limiting a few options getting a fluted barrel. If the crowns damaged is there much room for a new one to be cut with a thread? I looked at a fluted barrel once and decided it had no advantage to me what so ever as I only fire one or two shots at a time, it was too long and the only mod they could give me was an end can which made it far too long.

    If you like the feel of the X bolt then go for it but I'd seriously look at getting just a normal barrel.

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    Ok so you have done the rounds felt different models and decided upon one which happens to be Browning X Bolt Stalker. So far I cannot see where you have gone wrong. I know nothing about these Brownings, never even seen one, but others seem to like them and give good reports. It's a modern rifle and from what I hear like several other modern rifles.

    Now as for the Fluting, that is a personal thing, I thought it looked cool several decades back and looked into fluting one of mine but for one reason or another never got around to it, Glad about that now but this is your rifle not mine and if it's want you want go for it. I have never damaged a crown and only seen a couple of damaged crowns and they were on neglected/mistreated rifles. Have seen plenty of cord worn ones on old military rifles from improper use of a pull through. For gods sake get a proper, decent solid, cleaning rod not a glorified pull through .... i.e Bore snake.

    Any mistakes in your first choice can be corrected when you get your second rifle welcome to the world of rifle ownership.

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    cheers 8x57 i av introduced myself

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    thanks 4 that aliS and Brithunter will take note ov wot u av said and look into it

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