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Thread: Little and Large!

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    Little and Large!

    Little and large!
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    sorry josh, I dont get it, little and large what...!!!!!

    did you have a wounded animal to track ?

    did your dog have a good trail to follow ?

    or is this just a pic of your hound with some deer you have shot ?

    i am always interested in your posts because you have a Hanovarina hound but you never give us much info on there progress which is a shame.

    I am going to solovina next june to hopefully get myself on the list for a good german dog with papers.


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    That pictures been cropped as the original shows a Red hind and the Muntjac.

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    Good luck I hope you find what you are looking for.

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    So Did the dog need to Track any of the deer shot that day???

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    such a shame........!!!!!!!

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