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    Nomad Uk

    does any body use a Nomad "3 season smock" i im already pretty covinced but want to know about if you use them and how tough they are( i already have a swannie but its too small) the man on the stand was covinced i wanted the most expensicve "fleece" on the market however this is not going to be used as a awful weather coat, more as a drizzly roestalking coat, when its tool warm fr the big coat yet to cold for a fllece

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    i sell the entire range of nomad clothing from what you have written i would sugest either the hooded smock or the quad rider which can have either the hood or without
    if you want prices please get in touch

    stev hunter

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    i would buy ether those but being fifteen i dont think my paper round would fund it :/ i think about £150's my limit

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    I've used Nomad Coat & trousers for 7 years now, other than an initial problem with the tape on the trousers they are brilliant.

    Light as a feather and the warmest driest stuff you'll get imo

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    nomad clothing

    one word for it fantastic i got the coat and the bib n drace which is amazing warmest thing ever and ive got loads of shooting clothes and this is simply the best

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    I have the hooded smock and the breeks, They are excellent! I have used them on the hill, in the woods and for wildfowling

    Great bit of kit although I do use a bum bag when stalking as this means i can carry everything without the use of a Roe sack.

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    Take on a second paperround i use the breeks and smock can be too warm in the summer no i only wear the breeks in the summer!!!! can't over recomend the stuff

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