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Thread: 30mm and 34mm 2 Piece Mount "Tikka"

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    30mm and 34mm 2 Piece Mount "Tikka"

    As the title says, horozontal split, stainless would be a bonus, but not essential.

    I have had offers of Optilock, but don't like them, they are a 3 piece mount, base, lower ring, upper ring, I'm looking for something like the 3rd Eye rings where the base is also the lower ring half, hope that makes sense.

    PM with what you have, and what you would like for them.


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    I've got a 3rd eye rail thats drilled for a tikka 696, which is probably no use for a T3, but I have a new pair of 3rd eye 30mm rings if they would be of any use? The whole lot is brand new, as all I ever did was to offer the set up to the action, and it didn't suit my plan. 75 the lot + 5 for postage up to you.

    Drop me a PM if interested.


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