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Thread: Stolen dog

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    Stolen dog

    This dog was stolen on monday from a good friend of mine,he is 9 months old and stolen in bedfordshire

    Any information would be greatly appreciated

    kind regards

    Muntjacstalker................... FOUND TONIGHT,see last post 4 details

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    Ba#####ds. I realy hope you get him back cracking looking dog. Good luck mate

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    Are there any tax dodging pikey camps near to you ?, worth a look from distance with binos, hope your friend
    gets his dog back.

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    Every time I hear of a dog like this one being stolen I always think that the thieves are almost certainly stealing that dog to sell to a person who is looking for a gundog. I would consider that most shooting people looking to buy a dog would be wanting to see pedigrees, kc reg certificates, parents of pups but I can only conclude that unless there is a way of making up forgeries of KC reg papers (pedigrees can be easily made up) there must be people out there who are willing to buy pups and young dogs without asking too many questions. Stop this market and we may just stop the theft of dogs.

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    This is a sad tale. I heard of a Setter being taken from the pub where it lived Near Corsham recently.

    There are still dog pits around for fighting so I hear and they are not used to sell on, to warm up, but that is here and I hope this one is like Selena Massons dog but quicker.

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    Happy news,

    Eric is back home.Apparently the guy was a bit of a loner and just wanted some company but his mother recognised it from the poster campaign.

    Many thanks 2 all of you that took the time 2 view this post.

    kind regards


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    That has made my day. I'm really happy for you.

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    First class sound ........

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