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Thread: "popcorn" pheasant honey mustard dip quick & simple!!!

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    "popcorn" pheasant honey mustard dip quick & simple!!!

    this is brazenly stolen from shooting times mag few weeks ago....did it and WOW!!!!

    so bloody simple anyone can do it

    the pheasant
    2 skinned pheasant breast
    bit of flour seasoned with whatever you want i used paprika salt n pepper
    2 eggs beaten

    the dip
    2teaspoons runny honey
    1 small tea spoon djon mustard ...start small can add more if want bit more of a kick
    soy sauce light or dark doesnt matter

    make the dip first

    2teaspoons runny honey into a wee dipping/ finger bowl
    add 1teaspoon of djon mustard & whip /whisk/beat till mixed well
    then add soy sauce till its runny but coats back of yer teaspoon....or just add to your taste easy
    dip done

    take pheasant cut into thin strips ...pencil thin
    dip into the egg
    then into the flour
    once all yer strips ready fry medium to hot ish heat for 4 minutes untill golden brown i used rapeseed oil but could use olive oil or ground nut oil in frying pan
    pat down with kitchen roll remove excess oil and munch with a beer n a movie!!!

    i found the dip amazing!!! even if you dont do the pheasant make the dip it takes less than 5 mins and will blow you away

    could do it with chicken or turkey too i guess

    yum yum

    i was seriously impressed with this one on simplicity and flavour...and of course quickness

    sauer ./ paul
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    Wonder if thin strips of venison would work too?

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    dont see why not?

    ill try it when i get home....any excuse t make that dip again...!!!

    i did think bout it when i was munching on the pheasant

    its crossed my mind that if i "up" the quantities of the dip i could make enough to use as a mix through a batch of venny mince and make "honey & djon mustard" burgers / sausages!!!

    bit fiery bit sweet bit salty all at same time....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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    Tried this for the wifes dinner last two nights with pheasant breast (quite often dry but now the absolute opposite, tender and moist)- brownie points stacked miles high , it was outstanding.

    She who is sick of venison now wants me to try it on venison - suppose I will have to go out stalking again !!!!

    Incidentally I used grain mustard as well to change the texture and it still works brilliantly.

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    I've just done it with grain mustard and my kids (6 and 7) were quiet for about 20 minutes whilst they devoured two brace of breasts.

    Thanks for this. Brownie points won here too.

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