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Thread: Reloading for Beginners

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    Reloading for Beginners


    I want to start reloading .300 win mag rounds and .223 rem used brasses. I've got plenty of brasses all in good nick. Any links you have to good full kits at a price a young bloke like me could afford would be appreciated. If you're flogging gear that is surplus to your own requirements I'd be happy to have a look.



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    By way of introduction I'm shooting roe and fallow with the .300 win mag down in west sussex, 15 so far this season, on foot and from the hide. I've been shooting as long as I can remember although the progression to deer only happened when I lived in South-West Ireland for a time. Fanatical about the sport, want to learn as much as possible and help any other young blokes who've just started or want to start in the sport.


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    I would suggest that you get hold of the Lee Reloading book and then set about getting some kit together so you can reload your .223. Once you are happy with your .223 reloading, then move on to the .300 Win Mag.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Welcome to the site, and good luck.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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