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Thread: Rpa thumbhole

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    Rpa thumbhole

    Anyone out there want to sell their immaculate hardly used RPA thumbhole hunter in 243 for a fraction of what they paid for it? PM me please

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    Rpa rifles ha e gone crazy on there prices now. Some years back they where a really good buy.
    now there custom rifle prices

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    If you want mine you are welcome to it........ You just need to find a suitable replacement for my tomatoes to grow up

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    R Macleod son had one two weeks ago
    Quote Originally Posted by danpd View Post
    If you want mine you are welcome to it........ You just need to find a suitable replacement for my tomatoes to grow up

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    Well seeing as how RPA went bust have been brought out and the prices have rocketed it seems the answer is to simply walk away and buy elsewhere. One has to ask oneself why they went bust in the first place. Hmmm not sure but they actions and bolt look very similar to another failed rifle brand, was it Swing? ........................................ ahh yes George Swenson. Just looked it up and what it does not say was that George had to hand-load for his glorious rifles many of which would not chamber normal 7.62x51 ammunition and certainaly not perform well with it if it did chamber. Then cam Paramount Rifles after swing folded then RPA ..................................... hmmm do I see a pattern here?

    Chap at Reepham Moor range brought a nice new RPA sporting rifle. Saw them rodding fired cases out of the chamber. he loads ammunition commercially and his laods that seem fine in all other rifles, well the ones they also tried them in, were fine. Carl the range owner handed me a case and said what do you think of that. Took a look at the ironed primer, the galling on the cartridge head and said pressure is too much for that rifle. The owner then says the cartridges have been checked in a pressure gun and are fine. I repeated those cartridges are too hot for THAT rifle. and gave Carl back the case and left. To leave galling on the head of a case with bolt marks impressed into the brass and ironed primers = to much pressure.

    The rifle owner would not accept it as after all he had paid all that money for an RPA . Sorry but they are vastly over priced. Oh yes I found an advert offering 600 off................................. Hmmm which means that they are at least 1800 over priced ............... minimum sorry but not impressed with them much. It's not even as if the action was attractive..

    Did they ever get over the cocking cam problems?

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    Mine is up for sale if your still looking

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