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Thread: Gap 180 Deer cull last weekend

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    Gap180 Deer cull last weekend

    Hello, Ive been meaning to write this since last weekend but, alas, have had no chance until now owing to the grind of work.
    Im pretty new to this site and as such only wrote my first introductory post a couple of weeks back. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this site works as I was sent many kind posts welcoming me to this site and one email by a very nice chap inviting me to the Gap 180 Deer cull on the weekend of the 5th of Nov.
    Upon my arrival at the Gap 180 HQ I was warmly welcomed and introduced to many nice folk. I was most impressed by the humble yet absolutely lovely hunting lodge which the members and guests have the pleasure of using. Many nice trophies on the walls, including a large number of chairs around a table with quality food were the predominant features to be found in there. After id dropped my kit off in the lodge I walked over to the shooting range where the guests and members were enjoying a chat with one another prior to taking their turns at zeroing their rifles. It was here that I met many nice people and learned plenty.
    The Deer culling weekend started at about 2pm on the Friday and finished on the Sunday morning. The weekend is split up into 4 shoots: late afternoon on Friday then early morning and late afternoon on Saturday and then the final early morning shoot on the Sunday. All shooting takes place over an area of approx 15000 acres and is largely all form high seats. The Deer that were shot on this weekend were predominantly Fallow and also some really stunning Muntjac.
    Upon our collective return to the Lodge, on the first evening, there were many fantastic beasts to be dealt with and a sound tuition was given to those who were interested or needed to learn more, myself included.
    After the work was done we all retired to the lodge to enjoy some good conversation and some really spot on food washed down with a couple of beers.
    I cant say any more than that to justify what a relaxing and pleasant visit I had. I was unable to stay for the whole weekend owing to massive PARTY commitments and thus had to slip away on the Saturday afternoon before everyone headed off for the afternoon shoot. But, after the two shoots, and between only 10 ish guns, they had taken well over 20 nice deer before I left.
    I believe that Gap 180 hold weekends like this a couple of times, perhaps even more often, every year. Id suggest that if you get a chance to go then you should take it.

    Many thanks to all of you for making it such a great visit for me. Thank you.
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    Do you mind if I ask what it cost for the trip? Any trophy fees on top?

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    Sounds good. Gap in Manchester was all tee-shirts and cotton trousers when I was last there a few years ago. I must pop in again, perhaps?

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    Im not too sure about the costs as I was invited as a guest, I did wonder, its not really the done thing though is it ? to ask that is....... given that I was a guest. Id suggest that you slap out a general post asking this question and see what happens !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    Sounds good. Gap in Manchester was all tee-shirts and cotton trousers when I was last there a few years ago. I must pop in again, perhaps?
    hmmm........ Yah, thats GAP the clothing shop. This was Gap 180 which is a deer hunting stop. I think that its a bit different to that particular shop......... im sure that if you were to "pop in" you could get some nice furs for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarms View Post
    Do you mind if I ask what it cost for the trip? Any trophy fees on top?
    PM Munty1 and he'll answer any queries you have.

    Olaf - good to meet you, we should go have a pint in the Devonshire some evening

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    Hi Stig, nice to hear from you. We should indeed hook up and have a drink and a natter...... I was really happy to hear that you took a nice doe on the Sunday morning, good effort mate.
    Im not too keen o the Devonshire though because its got no charm and neither do most of the soap dodgers that go in there.
    Please forgive me, I certainly don't place you in this group of people though !
    Whats wrong with the Blue ?

    lmk.......Regards, O

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    Glad to see everyone enjoyed themselves, I think the final total for the week-end was 32.
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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