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Thread: Best powder for 7mm-08

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    Best powder for 7mm-08

    Evening all,
    I have been using vit n-140 for my 7mm-08 loads and getting some good results, however with other calibers I have always found that best accuracy came from nearly full (not crush) cases, my current load is only filling the case 3/4 full with 139 gn sp heads.
    What powders are your favourites and how full does it fill the case?

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    I don't worry too much about load density as long as the case fill is say 90% or better.

    I would try something like Reloder 17 which is excellent in 260rem and 7/08.

    I would also try something a little faster, Benchmark is excellent in short barreled rifles if you have a good bore size with a smaller case - ie the 7/08. H4350 is also worth a try.

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    go into cartridge loads

    and plug in your preferred bullet weights.

    Good luck. JCS

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    thanks for replying guys,
    Reloader 17 or possibly 15 was on my list to try, this rifle has a 21 1/2" barrel, have tried a cople of rounds with some varget that I had, but that wasnt filling the case either.

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    Been using N140 and varget in the 7mm08 for some time Im getting very good results too, mate uses N150 again good results but my view is if it works why change it.
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    I hadnt thought about using N-150. Other than Varget, I have only ever used Vihtaouri powders in rifle calibers and thought it prudent to try another manufacturers products, Reloader 17 seems to fit the bill, but I was interested to see what everyone else was getting good results with, as powders arn't cheap these days.

    One thing I have noticed with varget is that i was getting quite a bit of muzle flash, which I hadnt with n140, leading me to think that the powder perhaps wasnt burning eficiently.


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