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Thread: Herefordshire or Worcestershire

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    Herefordshire or Worcestershire

    any idea what the hunting might be like in the Herefordshire or Worcestershire area? capt david
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    any idea what the hunting might be like in the Herefordshire or Worcestershire area? capt david
    The hunting is superb. Several packs of hounds are run in the area you mention my favourite being the Ledbury Hunt closely followed by the North Cotswold. Hunting is now in full swing and several good days have been had.

    However, if you were to mean stalking I would also say it is superb. There are one or two people who run commercial stalking in Herefordshire & Worcestershire. The species on offer would be, Fallow, Roe, Muntjac & Boar (Boar in Herefordshire only as yet).

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    i know of a nice place to stay in hereford lovely little cottages in the countryside you could even get a cpl of days shotgun shooting and a nights lamping in with me on my permission there not sure of all the deatils but if your intrested pm me i will get all the info for you

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    Sorry for the Faux Pax! As I've often said: "two great People seperated by a common language!"

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