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Thread: Anything available last minute 10th-21st Dec?

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    Anything available last minute 10th-21st Dec?

    Is there anything happening between the 11th-21st dec with a space. Bulgaria is a on the fence at the moment and I'm need my piggy fix this year

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    Hi Paul,

    we can arrange wild boar hunt in Bulgaria between 11th-21st december.Just say the number of your group,or if you are alone we have variants too.
    Also what hunt you prefer by stalking or driven?
    more details you can see at Helia hunting | Home


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    I have been offered a 3 days hunt from Fri to Sun on piggies plus reds & roes working by beater drives and high seats located somewhere in west Poland, it is on offer at 850 euros incl polish hunting license/paperwork plus you must pay on top for b&b & food,
    I am thinking it over as I will be in Czech Republic each week so no distance to drive for me.
    Dont forget the european firearms pass.

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    pig hunt to poland is the flights included and any trophy fees

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    Flights aren't included so it's a case of getting there and sorting your digs out but the hunting is sorted. I'm tying to work out the ferry drive details now to see if it's worth it.

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    Hi guys,
    if you don't want to hunt in Bulgaria okay,but please tell me,becouse I can't hold the free dates anymore.


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    Can't sort out flights at the right price but many thanks for the offer. Hopefully next year though.

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    Thanks Paul,

    I sold the dates for December,but I have free dates for January 2012 if you want.


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    pm me some details cheers

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