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Thread: Hello from Bristol way.

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    Hello from Bristol way.

    Hi there, i'm 29 years old from the Bristol area. I've been into hunting and fishing since i was a lad but only just got into stalking and its blown all my other pursuits away so glad to find a dedicated Stalking site.

    Completed my DSC1 recently and looking to do the DSC2 in the new year. I shoot a CZ550 MC in 6.5x55 and the glass is a Meopta 7x50 4a as seen below with a Doe i took last week. I'll probably ask a lot of questions so bear with me Glad there are other like minded individuals to share experiances and learn from.

    Incidentally i've had great dealings with Stalkers UK!

    edited: pic won't load... it may be a while.

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    Welcome aboard


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    Welcome, I'm sure you will find this place friendly and full of useful knowledge and advice!


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    Hello and welcome to the site I see you have already made two wise decisions already. Joined us and shoot CZ 550 in 6.5X55, a discerning man I think


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    Thanks for the welcome fellas. Can't fault my CZ and with a P8 on the end its such a sweet round to shoot.

    All the best.


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    Welcome to the directory H&P. I`m just south of Bristol, in the Taunton area. Enjoy your stay.

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