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Thread: Car damage

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    Car damage

    Hi Guys
    I was woken at 4am on Thursday moning with my car alarm going of.
    When I got to it half the house lights in my street were on but nobody about.
    Whilst dark at that time there were no visible signs of the car being tampered with, no broken glass etc.
    When I got to work in the morning and in the daylight,he/she/them had tried to get the door handle off on the drivers side and they tried to get the window of on the passenger side.
    It looks bad and is going to cost me my excess in insurance to get fixed.
    This is what I don't understand, my car is an 07 Landrover Defender, while my wifes car is an 09 Discovery, but it was not touched and that has the more expensive hands free and entertainment kit in it.
    I do not leave any shooting stuff in my motor for that very reason,but am sick at the wanton damage done.
    Police have taken a statement and that is it.
    One of the questions they asked was " Have I fallen out with any of the neighbourghs" really sad

    So if you are in the Overtown area in Lanarkshire please take care.



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    Quote Originally Posted by DavieH View Post
    Hi Guys
    One of the questions they asked was " Have I fallen out with any of the neighbourghs" really sad
    Strange question to ask for an attempted break in or attempted theft of a motor car. Vandalism, perhaps...

    Regardless, sorry to hear about the motor Davie. Nice car you have as well, but not as nice as my 96' 300Tdi!!! I keep it covered in mud so the wee sh***s stay away for fear of getting their hoodies dirty.

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    Gazza had an attempt on his defender. Second hand parts and alluminium for the scrappy. Easily broken into bits too small to be traced. Disco and freelander shells not so easy to hide. Might be the same crew. You are not that far apart. Worth telling the police about the similarities, Early Am and defender. Jim

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    Always a pain in the arse when somebody thinks they have right to do nothing and take/damage something others have worked hard for...! A friend of mine had his defender 90 taken from his drive a couple of years ago. After some investigation the police think it was used to steal a caravan 1.5 miles away.

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    ''This is what I don't understand, my car is an 07 Landrover Defender''

    Defenders are a lot more difficult to trace, they strip them down in to lots of bits and sell or rebuild on a 'kosha' chassis. You couldnt do that with a disco.. Defenders must be one of the most sought after 4x4 but your average tealeaf.

    Comes with the territory of owning a defender. And its not just newer ones they go for.. all ages are in danger of being pinched.

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    If you look at some of the Land Rover forums you will see that there has been an increase in Defender thefts because they are easily broken and the parts sold or shipped off in a container to various parts of the globe. Have a look at certain parts of the country are worse than others I know it's not much consolation but at least the car is still there.

    Jamross65 my XS TD5 is better than your 300 TDI cos it's got aircon and heated seats

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    not sure if you landrover guys do it but if these thefts are increasing fit an isolator switch inside your vehicle then it shouldnt go astray as easy it wont stop them trailoring away but it will stop them driving off ,atb wayne

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    Its an extra measure, i agree but the low lives who are stealing landies know every trick in the book and are intimate with defenders. An isolator may stop your average thief but if theyre targetting defenders, there isnt much you can do about it. Apologies for the defeatist attitude but ive learned the hard way in the past. A mate used to have a steel folding bollard on his drive which stopped the vehicles being removed.

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    I had a defender 90 broken into once. All they took was the steering wheel!....

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    Sent you pm with details of the attempt theft of my Landrover. I am convinced that the people who target these motors see you driving and follow you home just to see where the landrover will be overnight.

    Only thing you can do is sell it and buy Japanese - Nobody in their right mind would steal them.

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