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Thread: Pecar 4x81 "Light" IIS Scope - Interchangeable Reticule System

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    Pecar 4x81 "Light" IIS Scope - Interchangeable Reticule System

    4x81 "Light" scope
    Serial Number 70164 (circa 1968-9)

    - "Light" refers to the Aluminium Alloy construction rather than the Steel tube of other variants

    - "81" refers to the brightness index rather than objective which is a 36mm (originates from 36 (objective size in mm) divided by four (magnification) = (9 pupil size) , the square of the sum gives 81)

    26mm tube

    *Glass is crystal clear and has no scratches on outer surfaces
    *No dust or foreign bodies in tube
    *Windage and Elevation works perfectly and adjusters still have a crisp "click" to them.
    *Both windage/elevation caps present
    *Some slight marks on scope but these are superficial
    *There are no dents or crimping to tube or bells.


    FOV at 110yds - 31ft
    1 click = 9.5mm at 110yds
    This scope has the Pecar patented interchangeable reticule system
    Additional/alternative reticules can be bought here:

    I may have another reticule for this scope but will have to confirm that later.

    full details on scope here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    2 days left!
    Yes I have it on my watch list.. currently at 89 I see. I expect it suddenly shoot up in price on the last knockings.

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    We shall see .................. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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    Hmmm well it did not make the climb I expected but I did try to help................. sorry it did not go for more.

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    Don't be, I am delighted that the sale of the scope mounts and bases netted 20 more than I paid for the rifle and scope together!
    reticule is not a sought after one

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