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Thread: where to sight in .308

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    where to sight in .308

    some advice i have read says that you get the best from a 308 if sighted 1 1/2 inch high at 100 yards. i stalk small pieces of land and would rarely shoot beyond 100 yards and more often than not its more like 40 to 60. am i still best to sight in high at 100 yards or am i better at 75 yards.

    parker hale 1100lwt in 308. 150 gn softpoints but will have a play with 170 and 180 in the morning

    i await your enlightenment

    regards pj

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    In your situation I'd probably zero it dead on at 100 yards.

    The advice on sighting it 1 1/2" high at 100 yards is good advice if you're taking shots up to 200 yards, but if you're mostly operating in the under-100 yard range there's no need.

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    1" high@. 100m you then have the ability to shoot longer distance if required. 40-60m it's still climbing so won't be a million miles out. It can be quite suprising how inacurate a lot of people's range estimation can be and distances are often further than thought!

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    There have been some very good questions on the forum recently, but this is a cracker in my opinion. I haven't found a good article that explains all the factors that need to be considered, but points I would make are:

    1 I would concur with deer man. I have shot deer rifles since the late '60s that have been zeroed an inch high at a 100yds.
    3 About 3-4 years ago, I got a better scope with external adjustment and tried to use it shooting dead on. I gave up as I found I had become accustomed to a sight picture based on shooting 1 inch high. With that sight picture, deer shot in the ~50-150 yds range are being struck by the bullet above the line of sight.
    4 Other folk will have additional points to make.

    Thanks for a very thought provoking question. JCS

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    My 6.5x55 and .308 are both quite slow, and 2" high at 100yds puts them about 'on' at 200yds. I use these rifles on the hill, where shots are more usually nearer 200yds than 100yds.

    As has been said, how you set your sights should depend on your preference, your quarry, your likely ranges and your ammunition.

    Chaqcun son gout

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    thank you for your responses. i will try 1 inch high at 100 yds in the morning and see how we get on. stalking with a camera then having a go at some targets

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    well the results are in and the jurys out. some of you may be able to enlighten please. rifle was originally sighted in with 150 gn geco.

    federal power shock. 150 gn best group was three shots in 1 and 3/4 inch

    rws geco 170 gn best group was three in 3 inch (seemed to string out) was 2 inch to the right and 2 inch high from where 150 hit

    winchester 180 gn silvertip best group was 3 in 1 inch (but i got some fliers and it wasnt pleasant to shoot. found myself anticipating the shot and pulling. wouldnt go for these as although they seemed most accurate the fliers didnt impress. not sure why they did this but they are really old so dont even have ballistics data for them.) they where 4 inchs right and 4 inchs high from original.

    i know i can adjust the scope to get the heavier bullets on target so im not worried that they were off but can anyone explain why the heavier they got the further right and up they went.

    any knowledge gratefully received

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    I like to zero 1" high at 50 yards
    Atb Steve

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    thanks steve. did you get a lighter mod you were looking for a while ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by pj1 View Post
    ....can anyone explain why the heavier they got the further right and up they went. ..
    pj1. I tried to find a good article on this but failed. The heavier bullets spend more time in the barrel and when they exit, the barrel in your rifle is pointing higher and further to the right. Regards JCS

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