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Thread: Sika Populations

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    Sika Populations

    This may have been asked before if so sorry about that. Who now has Sika in your county where 10 years ago you didn't? I heard today that there's now a population in Kent, is this true?

    Thanks Matt

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    i know a friend of mine has taken a Sika near the Kent boundary in east sussex

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    Sika in Kent, my mates in Shipbourne and they are there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Sika in Kent, my mates in Shipbourne and they are there.
    They certainly are, I almost ran into a big hind last Saturday on my way to the deer park. There have been sika in Sevenoaks since 1970's and escapees have populated the local area, mostly Manchurian Sika as opposed to Japs

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    They have spread considerably well up here into the far far north of Scotland.. as yet none I know of have been shot in Caithness.. But very very close with some being shot in the North west of Sutherland, Strath Halladale and Strathy Forests.

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    We took three or four young staggies last year - near Nairn. A few reds as well.

    I would suppose therefore these have been on the rake from the Ness-side and Strathdearn area.

    No idea about this year - now have sand under my feet.


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    There were sika in the Nairn valley up at Culloden Moor going back to the 1980s so I imagine they have drifted down the valley over the years, there is certainly lots of good ground in there for them and of course the hill area to the south as well so really ideal for sika.

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    We have a small population in west fife,fc have knocked hell out of them,they have allso turned nocturnal,cant remember the last time i seen them in daylight,this is an isolated population,no reds nearby,as far as i know there are some in the Dollar area

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