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Thread: Overseas Stalkers.

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    Overseas Stalkers.

    The Government has allocated a fairly large amount of money to raise the south-west's profile as a shooting/stalking destination. A spokesman for one of the anti-shooting groups was interviewed on BBC local radio this morning (rich man's sport, shooting costs thousands of 's etc) and I was asked to respond. I explained the benefits to the local economy, and mentioned that a friend takes some Danish stalkers out each year.

    BBC Wiltshire now want to do an in-depth feature on Monday morning, and asked me late this afternoon if I could arrange for an non-UK resident to explain why the South West (and Wiltshire in particular) is a favoured destination. It's cutting it a bit fine, but if any overseas sportsman is willing to be interviewed on live radio, please PM me.
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    does scotish pass as overseass..???

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    Its not just the south west but in the UK as a whole, it would be interesting to see just how much shooting in general by over seas visitors brings into the country my roe stalking clients are 100% Belgian, stag stalking about 90% are from overseas, and game shooting probably 80%, does and hinds are still shot predominately by UK clients
    partly because prices are more attractive but also a lot of European sportsmen still don't believe in shooting females
    in the mistaken believe that more females mean more males to stalk.

    From an economic perspective overseas clients often bring their partners with them which is more revenue for hotels , shopping trips, sight seeing tours etc which all helps the local economy especially in rural areas

    Why is the UK so popular with overseas clients one reason is to experience shooting , stalking in a different environment the same as many people from the UK go abroad to hunt be it wild boar or what ever but the main reason is that shooting, stalking in the UK is very good value compared to most places overseas[in spite of the fact that many UK residents think its over priced] also we have much more freedom than a lot of other country's regarding bag limits etc.

    In general I think its a good thing for the economy and at the present time is not a problem as there is enough
    opportunity for everyone, one slightly worrying thing that I see is more and more Europeans forming large syndicates and taking leases in the UK both private estates and forestry leases, while day lets are not a problem
    this trend could possibly disadvantage UK stalkers in the future if it continues to grow.

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    Worthy of mention is the fact that the UK is one of the few, if not the only place in the world, where Muntjac live in large enough numbers to warrant controlling. Our German cousins will pay a good price for a deer many here see as pests.

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    Bogtrotter, I agree - it must be a life line to rural pubs,hotels, b&b's, plus their suppliers, petrol stations etc. Not to mention the gun/ammunition/clothing manufacturrers, distributors and retailers. An extra few quid in someone's pocket for beating, picking up etc also makes a big difference for lots of people in these hard times. I thought it was very telling that the anti-shooting spokesman was intent on saying it's a rich man's sport - the same old them and us BS.

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    does scotish pass as overseass..???
    Stoker, I'm sure it would do, if you're willing to be interviewed?

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