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Thread: Contract stalking rates?

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    Contract stalking rates?

    I'm currently assessing the non cost value of culling undertaken by volunteers to a landowner. In comparison I would like to use the cost of undertaking the work by contract.

    Can anyone provide me with some figures please? I don't want locations or any detail that may allow the contract to be identified. Just hourly rates, time spent on ground, cost per beast, hours per beast or any combination of those that will allow a reasonable comparison.

    Must be low ground or woodland not hill stalking.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I know alot of people work on....They take 1 carcass to sell out of three shot.

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    Did quite a bit in the past carcases on a 50/50 basis.

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    i keep the carcasses of all deer shot to cover my costs , and all my land owners have agreed to this .

    but i am in negotations with another land owner on a 50/50 basis .

    Discretion assured
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    50/50 on all carcasses and trophies.
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    When i contracted to the FC over 10 years ago, i was getting 40 a beast.This was for roe so no exspensive equipment was reqiured.I was at it all week(5 days) 50 hour week, probably shooting 20 deer a week. Prices will have changed, to what i've no idea.But if it is private ground 50/50 share seems fair to me

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    On average the FC contractors get 90 a Roe and 120 a Red but for Till hill its way less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudy65 View Post
    On average the FC contractors get 90 a Roe and 120 a Red but for Till hill its way less.
    MY god at prices like that its time I started contracting again, when I was forestry contracting my best day ever was 47 Red
    [ that was Tillhill]

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    There is a chap doing a contract in and around the central belt and because of the type of contract he is gettiing over 120 a roe. Not a bad price. (FC )

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    sounds like a nice little earner,gottabe easier than doing groundwork and building

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