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Thread: BMI Flights

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    BMI Flights

    Hi guys,
    I am having a right headache at the moment.
    Having had a Driven Boar trip cancelled at the last minute was sure I could slot in with another fairly easily.
    However, I managed to find an agent with a spare slot or two but had to arrange my own flight to Berlin, no problem thinks I, wonderful thing the Internet.
    Promptly finds a cheap-ish flight with BMI through a company called eDreams, informs them of my intention to carry sporting firearms and pays my money.
    It went from 81.19 to 202.44 when all the extras were added, so a bill of 404.87 for myself and my buddy.
    That was on the 4th November and was given a booking reference, so all was looking good.
    I decided to check with the airline to make sure they had been informed that we were carrying firearms, so plugged in my booking reference and had a flight confirmation with a price of 482 Euros, not 404.87, but no mention of firearms.
    On the 8th November I am told by the booking agency that the carrying of Firearms has not been confirmed yet but when authority is given I can expect an additional carriage charge of 100.00.
    I contacted BMI direct and was told the charge is correct and is 50.00 each way to be paid at check in.
    Today I get an e mail from eDreams informing me that the carrying of firearms has still not been authorised and that the flight tickets have not yet been confirmed and will not be until authorisation has been given and that the price quoted initially was wrong and is now 553.26 not 404.87 as quoted initially.
    I keep going outside my house looking for that bloody great black Raven that must be flying overhead as he doesn't seem to be sitting on my shoulder like I would expect him to be, but with the luck I have been having lately I reckon the bugger must be nesting above my bed !!
    So my question is, has anybody any good advice ref flights with firearms, just in case I decide to take a chance with the same company again next year ?
    I have tried to do some more chasing this evening, but like all things, the office is closed until Monday leaving me an even shorter time to get it sorted.

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    eDreams, homework, research, ask all the Q's.....

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    Don't fly with BA they really do sting you with charges. Most airlines seem to absorb the costs of sporting firearms and not pass them on, SAS don't do this and we got stung for 30 each way carriage and heathrow charge 25 for passing through customs now as well! Ryanair flattly refuse to carry sporting firearms so stay away from them. The main thing is to make sure th guns are checked onto the flight and airport security are aware that you'll be checking some through customs, do this at least a week before hand (as you have been trying to do) and there shouldn't be any hiccups. Unfortunately it seems airlines think firearms mean they can charge what they want as they have you over a proverbial barrel!


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    Iberia Airways are superb. See if they fly to where you are going.

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    going Glasgow-Berlin on wed with .Easyjet, 25.00 extra for sporting firearms. never had any probs with them.

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    Might as well drive over!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    eDreams, homework, research, ask all the Q's.....
    I might come from the South but do you honestly think I didn't before accepting their quote !!!
    It is only since booking with them that other, unforseen/unrecorded, things have come to light.
    Perhaps you would be so good as to offer your assistance next time I want to book a flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil M View Post
    Might as well drive over!
    If there were more than just myself from this part of England I would consider it.
    I have driven from Yeovil to Braunschwieg in the past so that little bit further wouldn't be much bother.

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    BA have been Ok as have LOT Polish airlines. Both charge for carriage of weapons, but it has been very transparent from the start.

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    Hi Buckup,
    Yes I have found Lot Polish, SAS, Lufthansa and Croatia Airlines have levied charges, sometimes they remember to charge and sometimes they don't ! but all have never charged more than 30 Euros.
    Oh well, I'm now having a good look at Easy jet.

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