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Thread: My first Deer

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    My first Deer

    I went out with Wayne and Andy yesterday afternoon for a Fallow stalk,
    After going to Andys place and checking zero on my rifle we made our way to the ground where we met Wayne.
    After a brief chat we headed off and there were signs of deer everywhere, and it only took us 10 minutes before Wayne spotted a single Doe about 100yds away in some woodland, however she only briefly stopped before trotting off without offering a shot.Just seeing a deer so close certainly got my blood pumping and i started to grin.
    We walked for another 30 minutes or so without seeing anything and then Wayne went off to get his rifle and take position in a high seat and myself and Andy headed off towards another seat. Andy soon pointed out 2 Fallow about 1000yds away on the edge of the wood, unfortunately they were over the boundary and heading the wrong way, however 10 minutes later we both saw 3 Fallow about 250yds infront of us. They were the other side of a fence and slightly down hill so no shot was possible, the only option said Andy was to try and stalk through some woodland and get closer. First we had to climb a wire fence then tip toe through pretty dense bramble furn and fallen branches,how two 6` grown men can make so little noise is incredible but we managed it and got to the base of the high seat, by this time the pricket had gone back into the wood but the 2 fawns were still grazing so Andy told me to get ready with the rifle resting on the rung of the high seat and his sticks under the stock. Ive never had a deer in my sights before and the excitement was unreal, Andy ranged them at 160yds and told me to take the shot when i was ready, the slightly nearer of the 2 turned sideways on and i quickly placed the cross hairs behind the shoulder and squeezed off the shot, to my great relief it dropped on the spot and after a few twitches it lay still.My stupid grin now grew twice the size. After hand shakes Andy said we would leave the deer where it was in case we disturbed any other deer and we climbed into the high seat, about 30 minutes later 4 more deer came out of the wood 300yds away, a pricket which looked like it only had 1 spike,2 does and a fawn, they continued to graze for a while untill 1 of the does saw the fawn i had shot and came trotting towards it followed by the others, they stopped at about 250yds then appeared spooked and all made their way back into the wood.
    30 minutes later they reappeared slightly closer and Andy ranged them at 200yds and told me to take the pricket as soon as i could, now ive shot foxes out to 300yds but the pressure to place a perfect shot on a deer at that range was in a league of its own, however i was comfortable of both mine and my rifles ability so i quickly took aim and fired, the pricket jumped and kicked its back legs before running around in a circle then back towards us then to the wood where i lost sight of it, Andy said it was a good reaction and was certain it wouldn't go far. The fawn and 2 does stood for a while before making their way towards Waynes high seat, we later found out that although both does presented shots the fawn wasn't so obliging and so they left unscathed.
    Andy and i made our way to the first deer which was a buck fawn and then pin pointed where we thought the pricket had entered the wood, Wayne and Max soon joined us and Max made easy work of finding the pricket just 20yds into the wood.
    More hand shakes and photos and my insane grin now was so wide it began to hurt, i watched both animals gralloched where Wayne uttered a statement that will haunt me till my dying day "you hold his legs open and i will do his arse".
    Sorry for this essay but it was an amazing afternoon with 2 of the nicest and most helpful people you could wish to meet, im just worried that foxes and rabbits wont have the same apeal from now on, i might need a pay rise.
    Andy and Wayne thank you again,
    Hopefully Wayne will add a photo when he has time
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    Wayne and Andy get mentioned a lot recently, they seem like decent blokes.

    any chance you could pass on contact details and prices?
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

    Good deals with ~ deako ~ sakowsm ~ dryan ~ 2734neil ~ mo ~ riggers ~ mmbeatle ~ seanct ~ an du ru fox

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    view from bottom of high seat where 1st shot was taken

    view from high seat where 2nd shot was taken



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    great stuff jonty. sounds like it was a cracking day gutted I couldn't get round to going but hopefully next time.

    makes it a lot easier on your 1st stalk when you have Wayne and Andy helping you out. I am sure you will be booking up again soon as they have a space for a days outing again

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    Congratulations on your first 2 deer, sadly you'll be hooked now and penniless from now on! Great write up really enjoyed reading it.


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    Nice write up I enjoyed reading it. Good shooting.

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    Great write up and pics , you will remember your first one for life.

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    Congratulations on your first TWO deer.

    I hessitated too long when I sat up that high seat. Cracking views down the siad of the wood watching the deer emerge.

    Nice one Andy and Wayne, also Max


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    Hi Jonty

    It was nice to meet you mate and thanks for your good shooting. You must of been pretty cool when on the range and the first deer for Andy to let you take the longer shot well done mate. I've added a photo



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    Hi Jonty,

    Good shooting.

    You definitely chose well to be with Wayne and Andy for your first deer.

    Lets hope there will be more to come.



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