My mate Bill was working too hard, 20 hours a day.
In the post he received an invitation to a dance at the town hall.
“Bugger it” he says I need sum relaxation.
So he has his monthly shower and shave and gets his favourite shoes and spends days getting them to a mirror finish
Saturday night he arrives at the dance full of expectation, goes to the bar first and charges himself up with some liquid courage, after many a beer , he now has the courage to ask a girl to dance.
As they twirl around the dance floor, her dress flying, Bill can see the reflection of the girl’s underwear on his shoes, very adept at conversation he says to the girl. “Hmmmm I see you’re wearing black underpants tonight”. Well that gets him a slap in the face, undeterred he asks another to dance.

After many a twirling he looks at the reflection on his shoes and again very classy conversation. “I see your wearing red knickers tonight”. Well that got Bill another slap in the face. Whilst at the bar getting more courage, all the girls begin to talk about our Bill.
One female decides to fix him , bending down she removes her knickers, walks across and asks Bill to dance, they swirl around the dance floor and he cannot help but look at the reflexion on his shoes, confused they keep on dancing until he cannot take the confusion anymore. Before he could speak she turns to him and says “fooled you, I’m not wearing any underwear”. Bill relieved comes back with “thank god for that, I thought I split me shoes”.