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Thread: Roe stalk in or around Lothians

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    Roe stalk in or around Lothians

    As title, Im a complete novice (this would be my first ever stalk) I do not own a deer calibre rifle so that would be required aswell. Can anyone recommend anyone?


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    Try Dave Virtue, has alot of good roe stalking in Lothian area, although he will be busy with geese at the moment, but give him a call he will be able to sort something.


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    you got pm

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    amanda16 on here has a lot of nice ground in the Borders area if you do not mind the short drive down.

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    Thanks everyone for the replies and also for the offers of stalking via PM

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    you sorted yet

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    PM sent.
    Quote Originally Posted by hole shot View Post
    you sorted yet

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    Sorry i had to leave you to get on with it today but her indoors was needing to get the chrismas shopping done

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    Hi, if you are still looking for some stalking outings, feel free to send me a pm. cheers.

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