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Thread: Spice up the corn cob!

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    Spice up the corn cob!

    Afternoon all,

    As I brasso my loads for they great finish, is there a way to add a chemical I.e brasso to the plain cob solution I already use. If this idea works, how much would I need to pour in ?



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    I wouldn't add brasso it just clogs up the media i tried it and had to through out the media, i would just buy pre treated media in the first place

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    Brasso works ok if you pour some out and leave it to dry then scrape it up into a powder. Just add about half a tea spoon and you'll notice a difference in your brass.

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    I like the powder idea, was there a noticable change in brass colour?

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    What is the difference between shiny brass and clean brass?~Muir

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    It comes out shiny.
    Quote Originally Posted by shooter79 View Post
    I like the powder idea, was there a noticable change in brass colour?

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    I'm in the military, trust me, brass can be many different levels of shinny! Lol !

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    i use T cut in my corn cob media and use about half a cap full , and then run the tumbler with no brass in it and it soon de- clogs

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    OK...nice and shiny

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