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Thread: rem 700 stock upgrade

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    rem 700 stock upgrade

    hi was thinking of upgrading my rem 700 sps stock to a choate ultimate sniper stock in olive green has anyone got one for sale or has a opinion of them ???

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    My opinion, and it is only my opinion, is that the SPS stocks are poor. I replaced mine for a Hogue, then a McMillan.
    If you can, get a Hogue fully bedded stock, they are very confortable and very sturdy.

    I know the McMillan stocks are not cheap but if you can stretch to one of those, even better!

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    I put a Bell n Casrlson on mine, wasnt that impressed with the finish. You might want to chat to Edi on the site from PSE composites, he is doing me a Tikka stock at the mo and im sure he does a Remmy 700 stock.

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    Only one answer Mcmillan every time,expensive but worth every penny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TotalNovice View Post
    ...I know the McMillan stocks are not cheap but if you can stretch to one of those, even better!
    Agree, it took a long time getting there, but I now have one on my 260 Rem in my gallery. Regards JCS

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    I had an HS Precision stock on my Rem, full length Aly block. Solid and well made.
    Have a mcmillan on my .260 (Sako) and if I had to pick from the 2 stocks it would be a tough choice.

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    think i'll have to save up some more !! just upgraded to a jewell trigger i'll eventually get all the bits and pieces done on my rifle thanks to you all for your views

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    Rem 700 SPS plastic stocks are about as stiff at the front end as a drinking straw.

    It depends how much you want to spend. I junked the one on my 700 SPS and replaced it with a Hogue pillar bed stock that I paid the princely sum of 80 for off a shooting website, as new, delivered.

    They are an excellent stock for the money, you wouldn't shoot BR with it but for field use they do the job and the barrel is free floated which is all that matters

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    I've got one on my 700 vsf fantastic stock if your not wanting to walk and shoot as its very heavy


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    you can get a h&s stock for around 150 second hand if you keep a eye out. there solid with no flex and a lot cheaper then McMillan if you don't want to spend that sort of money.

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