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Thread: Forster dies

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    Forster dies

    Hi guys. Has anyone out there had any experience with Forster dies. Good and bad experiences please. And how they compare to redding. The guy that's trying to sell them to me says there as good as redding, but I suppose he would wouldn't he. Cheers. Matt.

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    Wrong section!

    Btw much prefer Forster to Redding

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    Ditto - I use a Forster seating die for my .308 and it's far better than the comparable Redding die for my .243.

    It is a shame that Forster reloading equipment is so difficult to source here in the UK.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Very well made dies...
    Tim Hannam carries Forster equipment if you are looking...

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    i use forster neck die for my 25-06 and have 85gr nos bal tips doing half inch at 200yds off a pod with butt supported,have got lee die set but only use now for fl sizing hand me down brass and necking down 270 brass,highly recommend forster die's

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    Thanks guys. Think im going to go for the Forster. Willie_gunn, JabaliHunter is right what he said. I think Hannams are the main importer now. I live only a few mile from them and they keep plenty of Forster stuff in stock.

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    Very good dies, I only use Forster or my own mde from Newlon blanks...

    If you do buy the Forsters, buy a couple of spare decap pins, they are the weak link..

    Or make your own from 1mm allen keys.....

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