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Thread: Forster reloading dies

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    Forster reloading dies

    Hi guys. Has anyone out there had any experience with Forster dies. Good and bad experiences please. And how they compare to redding. The guy that's trying to sell them to me says there as good as redding, but I suppose he would wouldn't he. Cheers. Matt.

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    Right section,

    and still much prefer Forster to Redding

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    All my dies are Forster cant fault them,i have used other makes over the years but find Forster the best.Everybody will have their own favourites at the end of the day its up to you.

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    I use Forster and Redding Benchrest / Micrometer dies, and prefer the feel of the Forster.

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    +1 for Forster. In thin necked cases like the Hornet they prevent runout. All my dies are Forster.

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    +1 more for Forster. Very good dies.

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    Hi i have both redding comp dies & forster ultra micromiter set & the neck bushing/bump die kit & really like them & would buy again before redding as they are redding quality but not at the price. My only thing is i like the redding nitrate bushes rather than the forster but they still good & look at opticwarehouse they do forster & at an amazon prices even on thery redding etc give them a call i just got a price of 139 for 204 dies in the ultramic set & neck bush/bump die kit for a mate but would take a couple weeks to come. He wanted them now so hannams it was at 198 plus postage etc

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    I use both.

    First full length resize with Forster:

    Then use the Redding bushing dies to full length resize subsequent firings:

    After annealing, use the Forster die again. Can't fault either of them. Got them both direct from Sinclair International. If you go onto the Sinclair site and select your calibre, you can see a whole range of dies and prices.

    Regards JCS

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