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Thread: How do you feel when you pull the trigger

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    How do you feel when you pull the trigger

    This isnt an ethical question, but whilst reliving my first successful stalk today i thought about the different feelings i went through both post and pre shot,
    Obviously the stalk was exciting and the tension literally crippled my lower back, then when the shot was lined up the excitement was still there but there was also fear that the shot wouldnt be perfect and the animal would be wounded,
    i do tend to shoot fairly quickly once im on target so pre shot feelings are short lived, but immediately after the shot i felt hugely relieved that the deer dropped but there was also sadness and even a little guilt. A little smugness maybe that id hit both animals successfully at fair distances.
    Strangely after the gralloch the deer became meat not deer and i was just chuffed about the whole experience,
    I think its a good thing to feel both respect for your quarry and sometimes a little guilt after the shot,
    Am i too soft for this game ?

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    I should maybe start by saying I had shot a lot of other things prior to my first Roe. To me one animal is equal to the other and should be treated with the same respect.

    First Roe I can't really remember feeling anything particular.

    First Red was a 6 hour stalk after a very particular animal. At the time it came to pulling the trigger I got a bit emotional as I had spend so much time looking and stalking the fellow I had developed a certain attachment to him. After that brief moment of weakness the gun went bang.

    I now see stalking as a job, someone has to do it and I am pleased that I am the person that has to as I love it, the whole experience not just taking the shot.

    But I feel absolutely awful if/when something goes wrong.
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    I think I share your main emotion of relief. I enjoy the stalk but tend to be quite cold prior to pulling the trigger. Once the shot is off I have a pause and then relief that all is well. I dont think I feel guilt as such but have been known to thank/apologise to the beast out loud. (perhaps I spend too much time alone )

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    i think for my first deer i felt pretty much the same as you. but no guilt. utter panic when the fallow spun round and ran fifty yards before collapsing then enormous releif. i always have a moment to take in the beauty of the animal/situation but then feel good as although an amazing animal is dead it wont go to waste

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    I do feel a bit of guilt but more I worry about making sure the animal is dead because I don't want the animal to be in pain. If I stop feeling that way I don't think I should be shooting if I don't worry about the animals welfare.

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    Love my rifle shooting but never get excitement from squeezing the trigger, thoroughly enjoy getting to that point in the proceedings whatever it is I am after but very cold and clinical about the shot, never feel any remorse, I'm not a heartless git just find the shot the easy bit, getting there is the fun!

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    I generally just hope I remembered to put powder in the case

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    i would say most things you felt really just before i pull the trigger i feel my heart pounding its a nice relief knowing its down and a fantastic feeling when im butchering it up into steaks after every successfull stalk the backstraps go straight into the pan followed by a nice glass of red,did you keep the carcass mate?,atb wayne

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    just feel extreme excitment hours before i stalk then deliberation getting gear together and that feeling that people that do extreme sports get, a huge rush of addrenaline an overpowering surge of energy and then satisfaction and pride at the finished carcase ,then when you eat it arhh bisto lol

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    Nope you are not too soft as you put it for this game,it would be a strange man indeed who did not have mixed feelings when shooting an animal,and after you look down with perhaps a mixture of a little sadness, and a little pride at the beautiful creature you have just killed,console yourself with the thought that you are following the way of your ancestors, not in any macho kind of way but instead following the instinct to hunt and provide that lurks in many of us despite the soft modern way of life we lead today,well done mate, first of many I hope

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