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Thread: 250 Savage

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    250 Savage

    Does anyone use a 250 savage cal rifle?

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    I had a Savage 99 in 250-3000 but is was really mediocre in the accuracy department; something I attribute to the rifle, not the cartridge. Are you thinking of one? ~Muir

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    Thinking about it. I've seen one over here second hand and seems quite a nice rifle from a balistic point of view ie about 2820f/s from 100g bullet (Rem/win) with may be a bit more punch than a 243, and quite a nice make. It seems a nice cal to perhaps one day start a bit of reloading on but finding ammunition over here (UK) maybe a problem.
    I'm surprised about the accuracy of yours Muir most things I read say its a good accurate calibre.

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    Sounds like an ideal cartridge for a light sika rifle. Especially under 200yd.
    I'd love one, but who make ammo for them?

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    Remmington and Winchester and I found one or two other smaller companies in the states and they produce it seasonally I think but its getting it over here that maybe a problem.
    It seems its a fore runner to the Roberts and then the 25-06 but maybe disappearing into obscurity but Savage, Ruger and one or two others (Cooper) still make rifles in them.
    On paper it does sound a nice good calibre but I think the Roberts has taken over where it stopped (but modern powders keep it up there with them, I did see one ammo manufacturer quoting 3130 f/s for a 100g) and no-one says anything bad about the roberts.
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    The Savage Model 99 lever action had a thin, whippy barrel that was not really conducive to fine accuracy. In a bolt action it would be more accurate. No matter what the vehicle, it is certainly a fine deer cartridge. Were I to be looking for those kind of ballistics I might be tempted to spring for a 257 Roberts. A quarter-inch longer OAL, slight ballistic edge on paper, but a good supply of brass. You're less likely to get a "say wha...???" when you ask for brass or ammo. In a pinch you can make it from 7x57... tho I guess you could get by necking up 22-250 to form 250 Savage!~Muir

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    Yep I came to the same conclusion I have seen a roberts for sale but the 250 is by a good continental maker. The head's saying one thing the heart the other!
    Most of my shooting would be over shorter ranges and hence not that interested in the higher velocity calibres and thought this would be quite a nice calibre to do development on.
    It is nice having something a bit out of the ordinary though!? Or perhaps not!

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    As you know 22-250 is the 250-3000 Savage necked down and the 257 Roberts is the 7x57 Mauser necked down. So knowing the "offspring" and the "parent" as it were may help you decide.

    In my opinion BOTH are, within their bullet weight limitations, fine deer cartridges. Effectively the 257 Roberts has the edge as it can handle 117 grain weight bullets better. If that is a factor.

    But, of course, the 250-3000 Savage built its reputation on firing a 87 grain bullet at 3000 fps velocity. Which the 257 Roberts will also easily do and then some.

    Another factor is the action size of your action. As far as I am concerned if you have a Mauser length action you might as well benefit from it an use it to fire a Mauser length cartridge! It will, in theory, feed and eject better but certainly you will have more powder space in your case.

    250-3000 Savage? Stick with it in what it was intended for...Savage's Model 99. But in a Mauser action length bolt gun? Choose the 257 Roberts it will have all the performance of the 250-3000 and THEN some...and offer no performance disadvantage for all practical purposes here in the UK to the 25-06.

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    What is the pracical difference between short and long actions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurf View Post
    What is the pracical difference between short and long actions?
    Don't worry answering that one I've just read a big speel on it on another forum. There are pros and cons to both and am not sure of what action lengths the respective rifles have.

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