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Thread: DCS madness

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    DCS madness

    The DCS have just met to discuss the current proposal by Senior DCS Staf that all stalkers in Scotland must have a compulsory test from themselves. No test no stalking in Scotland. This can be viewed from the DCS website , meetings 261/9.
    This is being backed by two other organisations but not BASC..
    This is just a revenue generator and i would expect all members to make their feelings known.
    They say that they will keep it as cheap as possible! Which is what?
    250 or more....
    The other oranisations that have approved this move are hoping to get the opportunity to do the training..

    If this proposal goes through then you will not be able to own a deer rifle or stalk in Scotland without first passing a DCS test, and as compulsory testing goes then the it will be closely followed by legislation from the Firearms Authority! No Test no Gun..

    I can only hope that the Representions from BASC were enough to dissuade them from continuing with this madness..


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    Would this refer to FCS land, or other land on which you would be a '3rd party' shooter only.

    Or does it include all land, so even a land owner would not be allowed to personally cull deer?

    No rifle at all - so would it extend to shooting foxes?

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    The proposals are that you will not be allowed to shoot deer in Scotland without first passing a DCS test. This includes everybody including land owners..


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    I've just read the relevant part. Now that's what I call a closed shop agreement.

    Abolishing the closed season for males is a good idea, but the rest! kiss goodbye to overseas stalkers, paying tourists.

    At least the deer population will grow out of control in a few years, that will give the government elite and their micro managing cronies plenty to shoot on other people's land.

    In America this has a legal name - racketeering - using the power of your organisation for your own personal ends.

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    From the DCS website:
    DCS recommends that a register for all those who shoot deer should be set up. All
    those on the register would need to have demonstrated practical deer skills and
    knowledge. This would build on assessment approaches already in place and on the
    DCS database of those authorised to shoot deer out of season. It would be a new
    offence for anyone to take or kill deer without being on the register. Only those
    shooting deer under supervision of a person on the register would be exempt, and
    provisions would be put in place to recognise foreign awards or licences which meet
    Scottish standards. The introduction of the register would be phased in over a
    number of years. This approach would support the principle of the individual being
    responsible for their own actions, and bring Scotland in line with many of our
    European neighbours, which operate systems of hunting licences. All those on the
    register would have to submit an annual cull return.

    Also proposed is an open season on all male deer and a shortened female season..

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    from DCS website:
    In summary, DCS proposes the:
     Introduction of a register for all who shoot deer. All those on the register
    would need to have demonstrated practical deer skills and knowledge. There
    would be special arrangements for those under supervision and those from
    abroad, and those seeking to shoot deer at night.
     Removal of the closed season for male deer
     Shortening of the closed season for female deer with a swifter but more
    rigorous process of authorisation to shoot out of season.
     Removal of all other requirements to seek authorisations
     Introduction of a new offence of recklessly driving deer with vehicles
     Introduction of a requirement for individuals on the register to submit a cull

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    Dear All

    I think there is more to come and more changes to this before it goes to the minister. But I can assure you that BASC will stand agianst compulsory testing.


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    If i have just passed my DMQ1 & 2 and i have to pay to register with the DCS i will go fecking ballistic.

    Makes a mockery of BASC if this happens and I will not be slow in venting it.

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    I feel that the DMQ 2 is as far as it needs to go and i am sure the DCS will go with that but they are certainly in favor of every one getting to that level . Do i agree not really it will make starting in deerstalking very expensive and will put some off./It will go down the road of an elitist field sport. It is the fastest growing and this might put the brakes on . PS WATCH THE di they will be on this one like a shot.

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    I have had it on good authority that this DCS initiative is being backed by the BDS

    The rationale being that they will pick up the training on the back of it!

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